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Thank you for visiting Tim Sensei's Corner. I am glad to know that my work is helping others. Please feel free to e-mail me concerning any of the information found here. I welcome comments or questions, but please first read the following:

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Please write a brief description in the e-mail subject line. Something clear and concise, like Question About Japanese Verbs is good and can be spotted easily. This will help keep your message from being tagged as spam. I do not open e-mail without a subject.

Japanese Language Inquiries

If you are asking about the language, please keep your questions clear and specific. Short, clear questions will usually be answered sooner than lengthy, complex ones. Also, if you send a Japanese sentence for comment or translation, please send it in context, with enough text leading up to it or background information to show the overall setting in which it is used.

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Sorry, but I have no need or interest in social networking services. I prefer to communicate one-on-one via e-mail, and do not do Facebook, Twitter, etc., so please do not invite me to do so.

You may e-mail me at timsensei.japan@gmail.com